My Creation ® Memory Cube Ideas
My Bucket List
1) Spend New Year’s eve at Foxy’s Jost Van Dyke X
2) Swim with the Whale Sharks Isla Holbox X
3) Hang glide over El Yunque Rain forest
4) Scuba Dive on the Great Barrier Reef
5) Go on an African Safari
6) Ride an Elephant in India
7) Visit Belgium Sue at her home
8) Earn a CTMH incentive Trip
9) Go to a Jimmy Buffet Concert X2
10)  Own a house in Vieques P.R.
11)  Learn to play the piano
12)  Send a message in a bottle
13)  See the pyramids in Egypt
14)  Ride in a hot air balloon
15)  Learn standup paddle boarding X
16)  Go to a Kenny Chesney Concert
17)  Experience zero gravity
18)  Visit all 50 States (6 more to go)
19)  Visit every Continent
20)  See 7 new wonders of the world
21)  Visit  Abbottstown,  founded in 1753 by my 7th Great Grandfather John Abbott X
22)  Eat a Lionfish X
23)  Eat haggis in  Edinburgh, Scotland  where my 4th Great Grandparents were born
24)  Prove 1st Family of  Ohio
25)  Spend the night in a real lighthouse X
26)  Eat Ostrich in the ABC islands X
27)  Take Close-up photos of Flamingos in the wild X
28)  Prove DAR (Daughter of the American Revolution) X

Create your own game with these 24 - 3" x 3" chipboard squares in a sturdy chipboard box.
Make a memory game using Family Trivia question and answers. Better yet use family pictures on the front for Jigsaw & Trivia game on the back.

Christmas Countdown - Find other ideas here
1.Decorate a Christmas Tree
2.String popcorn & cranberries for tree
3.Take lots of pictures or have pics made
4.Send Christmas cards
5.Drink hot chocolate or Cinnamon tea
6.Play Christmas music
7.Bake & decorate sugar cookies
8.Make smores beside the fireplace
9.Make pull taffy
10.Watch Christmas movies
11. Build a Snowman or craft one
12.Go to a Christmas parade
13.Go to the mall to see Santa
14.Set up a nativity scene
15.Drink egg nog
16.Read a Christmas book together
17. Go shopping
18.Make homemade gifts
19.Go caroling door to door or shut ins 
20.Adopt a Christmas child(ren)
22.Make crafts or decorations (could be used as gifts)
23.Make snowcones or snow ice cream, watch out for the yellow stuff
24.Ride around and look at the Christmas lights


1) Make Fruit Loop Jewelry

2) Bake Cookies

3) Play Hot & Cold Game

4) Play a Water Glass Orchestra

5) Make Greeting Cards

6) Put on a puppet show
7) Pipe Cleaner Zoo
8) Kitchen Sink Band
9) Roll loose change
10) Read a book in a secret hideaway
11) Learn a Card Game
12) Play a Board Game
13) Create a Carnival Arcade
14) Build a House of Cards
15) Write a Story
16) Make Silly Putty
17) Have an Indoor Picnic
18) Shadow puppetry
19) Learn a Magic Trick
20) Be a photographer
21) Scrapbook digital or classic style
22) Cat’s Cradle string games
23) Play Sardines
24) Home Radio Show

1) Play touch & feel while reading “The Dead Man’s brain”
2) Scary Hand Treat - candy corn fingernails first & fill plastic glove w/popcorn
3) Decorate your Trick-or-Treat Bags
4) Spooky Treat - Make rice crispy treats in the shape of ghost.
5) Drink witches brew
6) Create spooky scrapbook pages for your photos
7) Bake a Bat Cake
8) Go Trick-or-Treating
9) Carve a  Jack-o-lantern
10) Watch the "Wizard of Oz"
11) Watch the movie “Hocus Pocus”
12) Read “The little old lady who wasn’t afraid of anything”
13) Visit a Haunted House
14) Make Candy Corn Popcorn Balls
15) Fear factor eating contest
16) Do a corn maze in the dark
17) Go on a haunted hay ride
18) Tune into Radio Mystery Theater
19)  go on a ghost tour
20)  Have your palm read
21) Sit yourself & friends around a Ouija Board
22) Tell a ghost story by candlelight
23) Spooky face painting
24) Craft a Witch

My Creation® Display Album Ideas
This incredibly versatile chipboard album can stand to display photos or layouts or be used as a book. Includes chipboard covers with 12 spiral-bound 6"x 6" page protectors, Backs and fronts, giving you 24 pages to create. Additional inside front & back covers for two additional pages (if doing alphabet book). or make back cover inside pocket to fill with extra recipes etc.

Simply place corner brackets 4" down to hold interchangeable 4 x 6 index, recipe cards or photos to make a file card book.
Desk Calendar design ideas are endless

Baby's first year books can include all baby's first holidays as well as first activities and happenings

A profusion of ribbons and other colorful accessories
makes this My Creations display album a unique piece of art.

These albums are also perfect for scarpbooking a single event - a birthday party, a graduation, a day at the park or more.

10 Things Pocket

Life lists for scrapbooking & also great ideas for sentimental cards 

Additional life list ideas. . .

Places I want to Visit
Things that make me laugh
Terrific foods
I am thankful for. . .

Add additional sentiments to your cards with the 10-Things Pocket. Each strip comes ready for you to count out the reasons you care for that special someone. Couple it with the My-Acylix 10 things stamp set and the sentiments can be created in a snap !



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