Digital Christmas Cards-You design yourself with FREE Studio J® !

After watching the Studio J video about Custom Photo Wells (below). My mind went into overdrive, think how cheap you could make your Christmas Cards !!!
4x8 2.50/ 4 =.63 per card & 4x6 2.50/ 6 =.42 per card...
on high quality silver-lined!
Happy Anniversary, Studio J®!

November marks the five-year anniversary of Studio J®, and that means it’s your lucky month, with five amazing ways to win through Studio J and Close To My Heart social media! Printed on silver-lined photo paper for just $5.00 per two-page 12 x12 layouts during the month of November. that is cheaper than paying to get your photos developed !
We have 7 different holiday theme papers/stickers/embellishments available in digital, I quickly did a few up using old Christmas photos of the kids (sorry kids), so you could see what I mean.I used pear & partridge for horizontal cards and Yuletide Carol for vertical. I am so excited... this is so creative and cool. no mess, no fuss.. I love it!

All Studio J Software is FREE

If you need a personalized lesson, contact me and we can set up a private lesson at my house or I have also done long distance lessons over the phone
(listed above or CONTACT ME)

Studio J Digital addiction- only $5 per 2-page layout - Time to update "My Life" theme scrapbook

Remember just pick a memory and tell a story. 
Double click on any lay-out to see the story.
As many of you know my first love has always been "Classic" scrapbooking, however with that being said the digital age has come and for all those people storing their photos in the computer and on memory sticks, where no one can see them. you need to try Digital, start designing for FREE now, then develop in November for just $2.50 per 12x12 page.. wow ! GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE
Been adding to "My Life" Scrapbook this week. Wanted to show you what I did, in hopes to inspire some of you to do the same. I love digital because it forces you to pick THE BEST photos and to tell the story NOW, not later...when you have forgotten the details. Each 12 x 12 page comes to me printed on silver-lined photo paper ready to slide into my album. And yes I am addicted !
Offer valid November 1, 2014–November 31, 2014. 
November marks the five-year anniversary of Studio J®, and that means it’s your lucky month, with five amazing ways to win through Studio J and Close To My Heart social media!
First, throughout the month of November, all layouts purchased in Studio J are $5! That is a savings of over 25% off of retail! Your second chance to win big must come by sheer luck: every fifth order placed in Studio J during November receives a FREE surprise Close To My Heart accessory in its shipping box! The accessory has a retail value of $5 or more.
If luck doesn’t smile on you in that way, you might stumble upon it by finding a little extra something in your Studio J box. Five “golden tickets” will be sent out during the month of November with randomly selected Studio J print orders! This “golden ticket” is redeemable for one of Close To My Heart’s new D-ring albums* loaded with 10 Top Load Memory Protectors™.
For a fourth way to win, simply create new, gorgeous layouts in Studio J, select your favorites, and then post pictures of them on Close To My Heart’s Facebook page using the hashtag #ctmhlucky5. After November 30, five lucky winners will be selected from the entries based on their artistry and creativity and each of these winners will receive their own D-ring album loaded with 10 Top Load Memory Protectors!
And there is one last way to win: take your new Studio J artwork and post a picture of it on Instagram using the hashtag #ctmhlucky5. Just as it is with Facebook, after November 30, five lucky winners will be selected from the entries to receive their own D-ring album loaded with 10 Top Load Memory Protectors!
And to make things even more exciting, starting November 1, five brand new kits from the Annual Inspirations idea book will be made available in Studio J, so you can create new artwork using the latest papers and embellishments from Close To My Heart. With so many ways to win, five may be your new lucky number! Log in to Studio J and start creating today.

Sweet Christmas Memories

I had a wonderful time revisiting Christmas' past as I prepared for my Nov/Dec Scrapbook workshop using the new Yuletide Carol patterned paper.
Mail Order Option also available
I just love this time of year, when I work on my theme albums... it is so much fun, I think I better start an Easter one this year !! So I dug out the Christmas photos and decided on Christmas of 1994 & 1989 (yes 2 years this year). 
The memories quickly relived as I looked at the photos, 1989 was my twins first Christmas, everything seemed so magical. Then as I looked at 1994 it reminded me how they were still riding with Santa 5 years later and this was Laverne & Shirley's (dalmatians) first Christmas . I definitely feel all warm and nice inside when I look at these lay-outs. I love them!
So whether you are starting or continuing a Holiday theme album or simply getting ready for this years Holidays. Please come and join me on one of the evening or morning listed on the left hand side of this page. Remember you must RSVP so that I am expecting you :)

I will teach three 2-page 12 x 12 lay-outs from the Cherish/Imagine/Magic/or Reflection lay-out books or my own original design. One will be more complicated with new techniques or interactive, while the other two will be more basic. That means that you will go home with 6 completed pages & 3 page protectors ready for photos.
All this for just $25.00. Must RSVP

To stay current with what’s happening please look in the left hand column of this page to see the upcoming classes or join one of our monthly groups and always be in the know.
Before you know it you will have a binder full of lasting tributes to the people and experiences you cherish most. You’ll also be able to take advantage of special CTMH promotions, adorable Stamp of the Months, and other neat exclusives !
Being a part of a monthly group is GREAT, but not necessary to come to classes. Contact me today at or Facebook me for more information and to get registered.
SUBJECT LINE:  Scrap Class
You are required to bring sturdy adhesive, 12” paper trimmer & scissors
to all classes. 

Kim's Exclusive page kits & workshops

Each kit $30 + s/h* includes paper, embellishments, page protectors & cutting diagrams to create 6 layouts themed to match. *shipping/handling add $3 for 1st kit, $1 for each additional kit.
CLICK On layout for larger view
Take note that I have all my photos printed 4 x 6  (older photos were 3 1/2 x 5)
 and creatively crop to make them fit on pre-designed layouts.
Chelsea Gardens 
Mail Order kit available
Prickly Pear add additional photos with 2
Mail Order kit available

"Reflections" Lay-out book
Half & Half - Corner Titlepg. 82 & Triple Play-Columns pg. 100
Silver & Gold
Mail Order kit available

Beary Christmas
Mail Order kit available

"Cherish" Lay-out book, Dynamic Design pg 116-117
Falling for You
Mail Order kit available

Cats & Bats
Mail Order kit available
Mail Order kit available
No Worries add additional photos with 2
Mail Order kit available

Some Kind of Wonderful
Mail Order kit available

Sugar Rush
Mail Order kit available

Pine Fundamentals 
Mail Order kit available

Dreamin' Big
Mail Order kit available
 "Cherish" Lay-out book, Pleasing Paradigm pg 94-95
Left  "Cherish" Lay-out bk Mixing Elements Left pg 24-25
Right Reflections" Lay-out bk Photo Checkerboard pg 125
Nautical Fundamental
Mail Order kit available
Left "Cherish" Lay-out bk, Duplicate Pattern -Right pg. 64-65
Right "Imagine" Lay-out book , Understudy -Right pg. 110-111
  "Reflections" Lay-out book
Front & Center pg. 78 & Photo Checkerboard pg. 125 
Oh Deer
Mail Order kit available

"Magic" Layout Book, Illusion Pg.94
City Sidewalk
Mail Order kit available

 "Cherish" Lay-out book, Rise 'n Shine pg 108-109
 "Cherish" Lay-out book, Visual Texture pg. 34-35
"Cherish" Lay-out book, Creative Rhythm pg. 36-37
Autumn Enchantment
Mail Order kit available

 "Reflections" Lay-out book
Checkerboard pg. 125 & Quartet Pinwheel pg. 107
"Imagine" Lay-out book , Design - Swing Rhythm pg. 112-113
Jeepers Creepers
Mail Order kit available

includes 4 flip-flaps, example below, attached & open
Florence - all original
Mail Order kit available

"Reflections" Lay-out book
Design Bottom Border-Portrait pg. 28 & Triple Play-Columns pg. 100
Mail Order kit available

This lay-out includes a center & side 4x12 flip-flap design that folds out
La Vie En Rose - all original
Mail Order kit available

"Cherish" Lay-out book. Golden Section pg 80-81
"Cherish" Lay-out book, Unified Whole pg 68-69
Mail Order kit available

"Cherish" Lay-out book, Dynamic Design pg 116-117
"Reflections" Lay-out book
Front & Center pg. 78 & Checkerboard pg. 125
Mail Order kit available

"Reflections" Lay-out book
Main Frame-Perfect Square pg. 63 & Quartet-Sliding pg. 115
"Reflections" Lay-out book
Front & Center-Basic pg. 78 & Quartet-Pinwheel pg. 107
Mail Order kit available

6" Flip-Flaps attached to each end / Layout open
"Reflections" Lay-out book
Front & Center-Basic pg. 78 & Quartet-Sliding pg. 115
"Reflections" Lay-out book
Quartet-Pinwheel pg. 107 
Mail Order kit available

"Reflections" Lay-out book
Front & Center pg. 78 & Sampler-Nine-Photo Quilt pg. 122
"Cherish" Lay-out book, Echoes pg 40
"Cherish" Lay-out book, Kept in Proportion page 44
Mail Order kit available

White Pines
Mail Order kit available

"Cherish" Lay-out book, Beauty in Repetition pg 48
"Cherish" Lay-out book, Mixing Elements pg 24
"Reflections" Lay-out book
Quartet-Pinwheel pg. 107 & Triple Play-Columns pg. 100
Mail Order kit available

"Magic" Magician's Choice Pg. 116
"Reflections" Lay-out book
Main Frame-Perfect Square pg. 63 & Quartet-Pinwheel pg. 107
"Cherish" Lay-out book, Creative Rhythm pg 48
Mail Order kit available

"Magic" Illusion Pg. 94

"Reflections" Lay-out book
Front & Center-Basic pg. 78 & Quartet-Sliding pg. 115
Mail Order kit available
"Reflections" Lay-out book
Main Bottom Border-Portrait pg. 28 & Triple Play-Columns pg. 100
"Reflections" Lay-out book
Sidebar -Triple pg. 42 & Sampler-Photo checkerboard pg. 125
Chalk-it Up
Mail Order kit available

Confetti Wishes
Mail Order kit available
Taste of Summer
Mail Order kit available
Mail Order kit available
Celebrate Summer
Mail Order kit available
Mail Order kit available
"Cherish" Lay-out book, Mixing Elements pg 24
Mail Order kit available

"Reflections" Lay-out book
Design Bottom Border-Portrait pg. 28 & Triple Play-Columns pg. 100
Mail Order kit available

"Imagine" Lay-out book, Grande Finale  pg. 108
Mail Order kit available

"Cherish" Lay-out book, Mixing Elements pg 24
"Cherish" Lay-out book, Photo Shapes pg 46
Yuletide Carol
Mail Order kit available
Original Design layout by Kimberly
Pathfinding / Huntington
Mail Order kit available
Mail Order kit available
 Original Design layout by Kimberly
 Reflections" Lay-out book, Sidebar pg 46 & Triple-Play pg 100
Scardy Cat

Original Design layout by Kimberly
"Magic" Layout Book, Magician's Choice pg. 116
Mail Order kit available 
Top- Original Design layout by Kimberly
Bottom- "Make It from Your Heart" Vol 2, pattern 14 pg. 32
Mail Order kit available
Balloon Ride
Mail Order kit available
 "Cherish" Lay-out book, Pleasing Paradigm pg 94
Mail Order kit available
 "Cherish" Lay-out book, Creative Rhythm pg 36
Mail Order kit available
Surf's Up
Mail Order kit available
 "Cherish" Lay-out book, Silver Screen. pg 20
frame-up booklet from "Magic" Lay-out book, pg 108.
Left "Cherish" Lay-out book, duplicate pattern. pg 64
Right "Imagine" Lay-out book , understudy  pg.  111
Sparkle & Shine
"Magic" Layout Book, Illusion Pg.94 
Artbooking Cricut cartridge pg. 71
Mail Order kit available
Mail Order kit available
"Reflections" Lay-out book, Sampler pg 125
Mail Order kit available
"Reflections" Lay-out book, Main Frame-Quarter Circle pg 53
and Front & Center-Center Stage pg 75
Mail Order kit available
"Cherish" Lay-out book, Graphic Texture pg 60
Mail Order kit available
"Reflections" Lay-out book, Sampler pg 125

"Magic" Layout Book, Design Backstage Pg.28. 

"Make It from Your Heart" Vol 1, pattern 12 pg. 28
Mail Order kit available

Mail Order kit available

"Reflections" Lay-out book, Main Frame-offset pg 57 & Title Topper-photos pg 21
Mail Order kit available
Original Design "Filmstrip method" layout by Kimberly Mail Order kit available.
"Magic" Lay-out book , Design - Mesmerize pg. 34
"Magic" Lay-out book , Design - Showtime pg. 106 Mail Order kit available.

"Reflections" Lay-out book, Main Frame-Details pg 60 & Sidebar-Quartet pg 44
"Magic" Layout book, Design - Lovely Assistant pg. 96 Mail Order kit available.

Original Design photo waterfall layout by Kimberly Mail Order kit available.

"Imagine" Lay-out book , Design - Sideline Surprise ( quarter turned)  pg.  18
Mail Order kit available.

"Magic" Lay-out book , Design - Raise the Curtain pg. 66

"Magic" Lay-out book , Design - Hocus Pocus pg. 56

Majestic Blue
"Imagine" Layout Book , Design - Minuet pg. 46
Original Design - 6 pocket page protector made into booklets -  layout by Kimberly

Games On
"Imagine" Lay-out book , Design Memoirs Complete Pg. 66 Mail Order kit available.

Good times
"Cherish" Layout book,  Design Creative Rhythm pg. 36

"Cherish" Lay-out book , Design Dramatic Fashion pg 82

Sweet Home
"Imagine" Lay-out book , Design Nice & Simple pg.72

Magic Moment
"Reflections" Lay-out book, Design Sampler - Mix 10c pg123

"Cherish" Lay-out book , Design Fab Fifteen pg.75

"Imagine" Lay-out book , Design Personality Presence pg. 90

Rough 'n Tumble
"Reflections" Lay-out book, Design Sidebar pg 45 & Bottom Border pg 32

Back Country
"Imagine" Lay-out book , Design Swing Rhythm pg 112

Blue Ribbon
"Imagine" Lay-out book , Design Conclusion Combo pg. 56

Moon Doggie
"Cherish" Lay-out book, Design Duplicate Patterns pg.64

It's a Guy Thing
"Imagine" Lay-out book , Design Supporting Cast pg. 98

"Imagine" Lay-out book , Design Dialogue pg.58

"Imagine" Lay-out book , Design Conclusion Combo pg. 56

"Magic" Layout Book, Illusion Pg.94

Perfect Day
Mail Order kit available.

Route 66
"Cherish" Lay-out book , Design Abstract pg. 67

Original Design French Bulletin Board technique - layout by Kimberly
Mail Order kit available.

Lazy Days
"Reflections" Lay-out book
Design Bottom Border-Portrait pg. 28 & Triple Play-Columns pg. 100

"Cherish" Lay-out book , Design Balanced Blocks pg. 104

Vintage Travel
"Cherish" Lay-out book , Design Pleasing Paradigm pg.94

"Magic" Lay-out book , Design Spellbound pg. 50