If you can Dream it, you can do it

Well I just got back from my Close to My Heart convention. And OMG I would have to say I am overwhelmed with changes, the wonderful new ideas are mind boggling and bubbling over with excitement of everything that is happening with the company and I need to get the word out.

in the words of Walt Disney "If you can Dream it, you can do it" I don't think he meant to be a pirate like above...however I most certainly like the dream of all that loot. I would have to say when I dreamed of having my OWN life when my children were graduating from High School....my decision to join Close to My Heart, really did make my dream come true.
When arriving at convention..I realized I not only am getting all those boxes of cherished photos scrapped, making extra income to buy and go where I want to....BUT all the lifelong friendships I am making.  I have rekindled old relationships and made new friends as well.  Scrapbookers are the best friends in the world. I love having a career where I can look at my customers as friends first. This picture is the opening session from convention...where everyone is screaming and hugging people that they have not seen for a year or more. And yeah I was able to spend a little time at disney. the side picture is of JennyMay and myself winding down after an uplifting day at Convention. We meant 5 years ago in Chicago.
I often feel like the crocodile in this picture, chasing my dreams.....However Walt had another quote "It is better to aim high and fail, then to aim low and succeed".  I like this one. So yes lots of changes...ugh. no more consultant websites as of  October 1st.  But Change is good :) I have lots of new things to learn...blogging is my first...so I can get the word out. faster, easier, simpler (well eventually) SO WELCOME TO MY NEW WEBSITE AND MAKE SURE AND ADD ME TO YOUR FAVORITES.  Lots of information about the new catalog, products and more will be posted in the next couple of days.

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