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Come learn how easy it is to do digital scrapbooking, it is a great way to get caught up as well as save money. Let me show you how. Whether you love Classic Scrapbooking and just want to get caught up OR you love taking pictures and they never seem to make it off your memory card....You need to give Studio J a try. No time to come to class ?? Watching a few How-To Studio J videos will greatly enchance you experiance.

It is so far and in-between that I get to spend the weekend with BOTH of my kids now that they are twenty-two years old and I so enjoyed my weekend at the Electric Car Race in Indianapolis.  WAIT....what  better way to convey my thoughts than with a Studio J Lay-out.
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I'm loving me some Studio J.  Want to scrapbook your event in 30 minute or less ??  If so, click here and try out Studio J !  No obligation to buy....just play!  You do have to create an account but you do not have to make a purchase.  GO AHEAD....try it.  You will fall in love with online scrapbooking.  SIMPLE, FAST and EASY !

Another completely differerent way to use Studio J

This past Fall my family had its first taste of what it is like to NOT have a funeral for your loved one. Let me first say that my mother-in-law passed away suddenly this past October. Her wishes as in her life was to give until the end and she donated her body to science, wished to be cremated, & NO FUNERAL, she did not want to be a burden...WOW... I know that is nice and all...but where is the closure? So I began the journey through her life when I found a huge box of pictures in her closet.
What wonderful therapy it has been and what an everlasting way to remember her life.
Her album arrived last week, of which I purchased one for each family... and also downloaded the album to "Donna's loved ones" on facebook. Currently including long distant family members, however anyone wishing to see the whole album...just let me know and I will add you to the group.
I have received many calls and facebook messages since about how grateful they are and how beautiful the album is. I could tell by the tone in their voices it really did help bring closure to her life. She was a lovely women, always had good things to say about friends and family, sending cards of thanks, sympathy, congrats, birthday etc. even thinking of you cards to everyone she knew. She will be truly missed and in our hearts forever.

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