Retrain your Brain with Reverse Scrapbooking

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You will be surprised on how much more you accomplish when you have your layouts done and ready to go in your D-Ring Album, just waiting for the photos instead of spreading out the photos you took and thinking what am I going to design with these.

Just think of bringing a binder of prefinished layouts and your photos to the next crop. You will travel so much lighter and it will be so much more fun. And I find it so much more exciting. These pictures are from 2002 Girl Scout backpacking trip. That is the year we found Murtle the turtle ( OMG... May 18th will be her 12th birthday ) Ummm stay tuned for the finding of Murtle photo shoot lay-out.
Reverse Scrapbooking is simply coming up with what a scrapbook page about an event will look like before the event even takes place or if you are like me possibly you already have years of event photos already printed and un-scrapped. Reverse engineering, takes a little time to retrain your brain, however one of the easiest ways to get your project started!

Why not give it a try? Each month at class I will teach three 2-page 12 x 12 lay-outs from the Cherish/Imagine/Magic/or Reflection lay-out books or my own original design. One will be more complicated with new techniques or interactive, while the other two will be more basic. That means that you will go home with 6 completed pages & 3 page protectors ready for photos.
Before you know it you will have a binder full of lasting tributes to the people and experiences you cherish most. Being a part of a monthly group is GREAT, but not necessary to come to classes.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of special CTMH promotions, adorable Stamp of the Months, and other neat exclusives !

All this for just $25.00. Must RSVP
You are required to bring sturdy adhesive, 12” paper trimmer & scissors
to all classes.

Here is an example of Reverse Scrapbooking in action, in this layout (which I love, love love)…
Originally I thought it would be fantastic for Thanksgiving, or Friendship a sheltering tree, then I thought what trips I have been on that involved trees… yes, yes that what I will use… I was then so excited to start scrapping. Another one of my students, joined in and said she could use her photos of the Redwood Forest. This is such a cool way to scrap, and really makes you think outside of the box !!!!

As you gather with friends and family to celebrate Autumn (or the many other events that are important to, you such as holidays, birthdays, or even everyday moments such as playing at the local park) take the photos you will need to fit the layout that you already have made at home. Jot down some notes for filling in the journaling boxes on your scrapbook page as well. When the event is over, print your photos and complete the scrapbook page.

Or if you are like me… you have years of event photos that you have never scrapped. So I started theme albums. I am almost finished with my Halloween Album. 7 years ago I decided to make one adorable lay-out per year until it was done; I have found myself looking forward to the holiday, so that I can sift through my old photos to figure out which year I will do (sometimes I can’t resist and I make two layouts). Even though I’m excited that I am about to complete an album, I am a little disappointed that it is over. Oh well, when that happens, I will start making pages for grandkids that have not arrived yet.

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