BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE - ! ! ! ! ! ! feel warm and inspired inside

I should be creating card class for Tuesday, however per normal, I am a bit side tracked today. you know.... my ADHD kicking in... It is snowing and soon to be blowing outside, and I just want to stay warm and have fun inside ! ! ! So to get inspired I decided to watch some CTMH TV...
One hour later. . .OMG, so excited... Must tell all. . . my brain is overwhelmed with all that CTMH has to offer to get those creative juices flowing. Simply click on the right hand icon that says "Watch & Learn CTMH TV" anytime, any day. You will soon be so engrossed with ideas, you'll say "What weather outside ??

Also for those Digital Scrapbooker's or want-to-bees, this is the perfect day to give it a try, cause you got the time and March is the perfect month to take advantage of the Studio J reduced printing rates.

So I am off to work on those cards, well really going to eat lunch first, then cards, well actually finish some customer kits, then cards... well hopefully I get to those cards before Bell Choir practice LOL. I will get those cards done before Tuesdays Class... you know I will :)

But you can go make a cup of cocoa, slip in to something comfortable and watch some fun and creative CTMH TV ... and you will soon be inspired to make that perfect project, making you all warm inside and out :)

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