Online Adult Coloring / Making the Grid

1. Use pigment ink to stamp grids, to prevent bleeding.
2. Always stamp grids on a separate cardstock (not the actual notecard base), depending on what your coloring medium will be (pencils, crayons, markers or watercolor), there is always the possibility of bleeding through. I always color on separate cardstock , then mount on colored cardstock to make my coloring "POP", then attach to the front of the notecard base.
3. Apply ink generously with short taping into the ink. Pigment ink pads are foam, you don’t want to squish down too far, or you will get excessive ink and loose your detail.
4. As with all stamping it is best to leave down a few seconds with even downward pressure, giving paper time to except ink (not too hard or you will loose detail). Leaving down longer is always better then pressing harder.
5. Always work from light to dark stamping off till clean on scrap paper, before using next color. Thoroughly clean with warm soap and water when finished stamping ( I use dish soap ). If you must clean during project, make sure stamp is thoroughly dry before continuing to stamp.
6. Pigment ink takes longer to dry. Make sure ink is COMPLETELY DRY before you begin coloring.
7. Store ink pad upside down to keep the ink at the surface of pad.

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