Celebrate Your Creativity ------- May issue

The “Crafternoon” Craze is Sweeping the Country. Why are papercrafting parties so popular ?

You get to express your creativity while relaxing and catching up with friends. Simply get your friends together & decide when to host your play-day in MAY. I will then come share the joy of stamping and scrapbooking, teaching an original project to all your friends. I can help you get the products you want for free. With all the great deals that are offered this month, you can’t help but have a successful gathering.

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National Scrapbooking
Month Is Here!

Dotty for You is a party in a paper pack—the perfect way to celebrate!

National Scrapbooking Month has finally, officially, arrived. Now is the time to join the celebration with the too-cute Dotty for You paper packet. With 24 sheets of bright, colorful, and fun patterned papers, this packet is the perfect way to celebrate. Buy yours for only $5 when you purchase $35 in product from the Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book, or get one free for hosting a qualifying Gathering or joining my Team!
Are you already the proud owner of a Dotty for You pack? Why not buy another? Between all the fabulous project ideas on the insert and all the project ideas of your own, there are plenty of things you can add color to with this incredibly versatile paper pack. And never underestimate this special pack’s value as the perfect gift for all your crafting friends and relatives. This is one of those good things that you really cannot have too much of!
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Stamp of the Month:
Friendship Bouquet

Plant a seed of friendship with the May Stamp of the Month

The cheerful sunflowers featured on May’s Stamp of the Month, Friendship Bouquet, are ideal for spreading a little sunlight into the lives of your most treasured relationships. Celebrate friendship with a heartfelt card, or adorn a scrapbooking page commemorating that relationship using this month’s featured stamp set. Remember, it will only be available through May 31, so get yours now!
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Celebrate Motherhood
with Studio J®

Treasured relationships deserve to be preserved—
Studio J® can make it easy

Mothers and grandmothers alike love to get pictures of their children and grandchildren on Mother’s day. With Studio J®, you can give them frame-worthy printed scrapbook pages featuring those special people and celebrating relationships you cherish. Here are some ways you could celebrate Mother’s Day this year using this fabulous product:
  • Scan in your own baby pictures and give them new life in a beautiful layout or album Mom will treasure.
  • Make a layout celebrating and honoring her and all the reasons she matters to you.
  • Go further up the family tree and give Mom an album featuring her parents and grandparents.
  • Give Mom a 5-pack card that she can use to enjoy making pages of her own.
If you are new to Studio J, you’ll love how quickly layouts come together. You can spend as much or as little time as you have customizing and personalizing your layouts, experimenting with colors, accents, and embellishments until you get everything just right. But perhaps the best thing about Studio J is that whatever you make, you can order multiple copies—one for Mom and one for you!
Whether you give or get photos for Mother’s Day, Studio J® is the perfect tool to turn those priceless pictures into lasting memories.
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Celebrate your Creativity - - - - - - April issue

these pigs... Fresh, New & Full of Creativity!! Don't miss out on all these fun events. . .

Time to Get Creative!

Free up some time for your creative outlet

If someone asked you to explain what a hobby is, you’d probably explain it as something you enjoy doing in your free time, right? But nowadays, when jobs, family, school, friends, sporting events, church, and other group activities make so many demands on our time, there are days when it feels like it is all we can do to squeeze in the necessary things like eating, sleeping, showering, and a couple of quick chores around the house. So what do we mean when we talk about supposedly “free” time?
No matter how busy we get, we can always manage to find a few minutes here and there to watch our favorite television shows, or at least check our Facebook updates and Twitter feeds. We can make time for things that feel like breaks in our otherwise hectic schedule. And that is just what we need to do in order to keep up on our crafting.
It is easy to take our creative projects too lightly and write them off as unimportant things that we can get to any time. But when we’re “too busy” to take that precious creative time, we’re depriving ourselves of more than just completed projects—we’re denying ourselves the chance to take a break, change the pace of our day, and exercise our minds in a different way. We need that time and that creative outlet to focus on just one thing for a change, one thing that we have greater control over than the other variables in our lives. That kind of focus and sense of control brings with it a sense of satisfaction that is independent of project completion.
So, instead of waiting for free time to magically come along on that rare lazy Sunday afternoon, free up some time in your busy day to sit down and do the creative work that you love. Even if you give away the completed project, the gift of time and relaxation you’ve given yourself may be even better!
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