The Meaning Behind the Wall - Bowling Green, Ohio

I am so excited that the alley wall is finally complete, it has taken many twists and turns within the past year, Changing from a painted mural to a brick patterned symbolic wall. Many discussions of what would and would not work, Compromises along the way, with the end result well worth it.
So it is FINISHED…. I am so excited AND I just love the end result !!! I feel as if I designed this as a gift to Bowling Green and hope you enjoy its beauty as much as I do , for years to come.
Artist Statement:
Since our family heritage dates back to 1834 when the Shively’s arrived by oxen-team to Bowling Green, we have called it home. In the Mari-times the compass was a good luck symbol for a safe return home. Wherever our family may roam, the compass rose will give us direction and safe travels, knowing our roots will always be home in Bowling Green, Ohio.  

Kimberly Sue Shively-Richard-Patterson-Brigham-Glenn-Thomas

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