The Mackinac Bridge Walk - Flip Cookbook - Digital Scrapbooking

I was so excited when my long time best friend from High School (Sue Pfaff Hughes) called me up and invited me to walk the Mackinac bridge with her. 
What fun I said....but let me plan it. I am what you might call the Frugal traveler...never waste a dollar or a minute of time, see everything you can see.  She had also wanted one of my Flip cookbook kits. So I included that into our itinerary as well. She was able to start it the day before we left and finished it at the hotel the next evening

That first day we traveled up as far as Petosky, because we were told that all the B&B's were full...expecting 65,000 people for Labor Day Bridge Walk. We decided to drive the last 45 minutes up in the morning before the walk. So we stayed at a lovely Best Western in Petosky, asked the front desk person the best place to look for Petosky Stones and the hunt was on.....
This is why I love "Studio J Digital Scrapbooking" fast, simple, inexpensvie & fun to do.

We got up early Labor Day morning...had a delicious warm complimentary breakfast and were on our way to walk the bridge....

Another wonderful Layout. Next we shopped around town, you know fudge, bridge sweatshirt, patch & ate at Scalawags. Delicious. We then decided to find the B&B that I read had a lighthouse room & was within walking distance of shopping to book for next year. So we got in my car turned on the GPS & it said arriving in 57 seconds. Too funny. right behind the store we had been shopping in
Next we drove out to McGulpin Point Lighthouse (it is 2 miles west of the city) climbed the 76 stairs to the top and leaned against McGulpin Rock. (Recorded as far back as 1615 by French Explorers as a navigational aid). Pretty cool.

Our next stop was Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse...just beautiful...and of course what better way to end our day than an Mackinac Ice Cream Cone for an early dinner and drive home.

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