Summer Celebrations & "Cooks Corner" Article

I would have to say as summer comes to a close and I look back at our celebrations, my favorite and most versatile card design I used was the spinner card. It started with our summer family birthday party, in which I made one for everyone celebrating their birthday. Yes it really moves across the card.

Then I altered it a bit for my son Shawn graduating from College in July

And have one ready for his twin sister who is graduating in December. too cute the way the hat spins across the card.
And next came Beginning Day where I used the design for the invitation.

I then received a call from the Daily Sentinal Tribune (see article) they wanted to do an article on my international dinners that I enjoy doing for my Eta Beta sorority sisters and papercrafting students. How much fun it is to cook when each recipe tells a different story.

including all my favorite recipes. This time it will be a soup swap. I started today to develop the perfect Jamaican Pumpkin Soup. My favorite soup since I was a little girl.

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